Crypto & Forex Traders Global Tournament.
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What is TradaMent?

TRADA-MENT simply means TRADERS TOURNAMENT. This system allows users to participate in virtual trading contests by simply predicting the rate of Most common assets traded in the Forex and CFD markets (commodities, currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFS, Treasury bonds & notes) and let visitors compete in trading stocks and cryptocurrencies without putting any money at risk. People from all over the world with basic or professional trading skills in Forex or Crypto currencies can join the tournaments depending on which assets they are more familiar with.
Traders can join either Cryptocurrency tournaments or Forex/Stock tournament ranging from $0 - $1,000. Entry fee for each tournament differs depending on the selected trading tournament.

The Benefits of a Live Tournament

Trading takes place under real market conditions and alongside other professional traders, making the competition a true test of skill when it comes to the real thing. The thrill of a live forex contest and the competitive spirit it enfolds spur on greater efforts and encourage traders to push themselves to their utmost abilities. Competing with other traders is very different to trading alone – it's a reflection of your skills on the real market and an experience worth living. You can prove your trading superiority amongst a throng of other professional traders and receive rewards worthy of your talent. Top performers will receive impressive cash prizes.


Browse and join open trading contests, receive free real cash for trading.

Designed for Traders

Buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies or stocks and prove you can outperform other traders. Sharpen your trading skills.


Earn points and climb up the leaderboard. Become an expert in crypto currency or forex trading.

User Accounts

An account is automatically created for each user to track movements of real funds. Current balance as well as account transactions history is displayed on the user Account page.

Easy Deposits

Users can deposit real money to their accounts using PayPal, Stripe and Coin payment gateways.

Automatic Withdrawal

Users can withdraw real money automatically to their accounts using PayPal, wire transfer and Cryptocurrencies payment gateways.